Terms and Conditions Viajar Tours


Buying a “day tour ticket” from Viajar Tours and/or visiting Viajar Tours website, you are agreeing with the following terms and conditions:


1. The Terms and Conditions

a) These terms and conditions will apply when you access the Viajar Tours website or when you buy one day tour ticket from Viajar Tours;

b) These terms and conditions may also apply if you are buying day tour tickets for someone else, or if someone else is buying one day tour ticket in your behalf;

c) If you do not agree with the following terms and conditions, please do not access and/or buy one day tour ticket from Viajar Tours.


2. Public Liability

a) Viajar Tours must not be liable for any illness, injury, damages or loss which the Customer may suffer as a result of factors beyond our control. The Customer agrees to release any indemnity, from and against Viajar Tours, or any claim related to this purpose. While we will make every effort to keep our guests and their belongings safe, Viajar Tours recommends all passengers to have travel insurance coverage;

b) The Customer agrees that the liability of Viajar Tours is limited to Viajar Tours;

c) If any loss resulting any costs related with your breach of these terms and conditions, damage to the vehicle or environment, or any other legal obligation, you will indemnify Viajar Tours.


3. Fees and Charges

a) Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and the customer agrees to pay the advertised price. Payment must be done through our website page and must be received prior to the selected day tour;

b) Please contact us for Bank Account details if paying by direct deposit. Please note that credit card payments will incur a surcharge of 1.5% of the payment amount;


c) Buying your day tour with Viajar Tours, you will receive a ticket/voucher which will be valid per six months, from the date of purchase. Please contact us for availability before purchase. And please contact us for booking and/or confirm your tour date;

d) It is responsibility of the customer to ensure your details are correct during booking and/or confirming your tour. Viajar Tours may contact passengers regarding the tour before the departure date. We request you to check your email regularly prior to your tour and we request you to provide an Australian mobile number as well;

e) Viajar Tours operates in Australian Eastern Standard time. Currently, there is no booking fee. In case we are fully booked, your ticket/voucher will be transferred to the next day available, also from your preference.


4. Tour Conditions

a) Every passenger must comply with the driver and/or guide regarding the conduct of the tour such as safety, use of equipment, behaviour, time, etc.;

b) Unless you have booked a full group tour, a minimum of people is required to be running any of our tours. If the minimum of people is not met, we will contact you for rescheduling your tour date, or full refund will be given;

c) Viajar Tours will not accept any booking from the customers less than 18 years of age. Photo ID may be required at check in by the tour operator, to ensure that the identity matches the booking. The customer may also be required by the tour operator to sign the confirmation book;

d) Children are permitted on most tours accompanied by their relatives or any responsible over 18 years of age. Please contact us to discuss about children before booking. Minimum tour age is 4. Children aged between 4 and 7 are required to sit in a specific seat. Viajar Tours does not provide children seating;

e) The passenger will be responsible for any fine received by the driver, as a result of failing instructions (not using seat belt, per example);

f) According with Queensland Parks and Wildlife guidelines, all signs, instructions must be comply with, for example remaining behind safety barriers at all times. No toleration for actions that might put any other passengers at risk of harm or injury. Failing to follow these conditions will result in the cancellation of your tour without provision for a refund;

g) Any passengers that might be removed from a tour or a tour cancelled regarding to a failure to comply with our terms and conditions, Viajar Tours will not provide any refund. Other passengers may be eligible for a refund, if this situation occurs;

h) Any alcohol consumed during the tour must be kept in a responsible level. If this level exceed, at any time Viajar Tours reserves the right to stop the tour and/or remove the passenger from the tour. Tis passenger will not receive a refund and may be liable for any losses to Viajar Tours;

i) An additional $50 (AUD) will be charged to the relevant card holder, if the vehicle requires additional cleaning after the tour;

j) Smoking is not permitted inside the vehicle;

k) Rubbish bins are not available in most of the tours destinations, so passengers must bring back to the vehicle any produced rubbish;

l) All Viajar Day Tours do not include meals or drinks, unless otherwise stipulated. We have a special selection of restaurants for each tour. Payment can be made at the restaurant premises. Stops will be made during the tour, but we cannot assure stopping for buying food during the tour. Passengers are welcome to bring any food
and drinks to the tour, as we provide one warmer compartment for keep your food warm, as well as a cooler compartment to keep your drinks cold, during the tour;


m) Please, do not bring your luggage with you. Any inappropriate luggage may result in refusal to board;

n) Viajar Tours offers pick up and drop off service. Pick up and drop of location must be confirmed during your booking. It is the customer’s responsibility to be waiting in front of your selected pickup location, at least 5 minutes before departure. If the driver is unable to locate you, it can cause failure to load. Viajar Tours cannot be held responsible for passengers who fail to load and we will not provide refund. If you have a full group tour and you are late, additional time will not be added to the tour.


5. Change of Date 

a) Viajar Tours reserves the right for changing dates and hours for any Viajar Day Tours;

b) Changing dates by the customer can be done without any additional fee, if requested before 48 hours to the beginning of the tour. Requests for changing dates between 48 hours to the beginning of the tour will be charged a fee of 50% from the current tour price;

c) In the event of a vehicle break down Viajar Tours has a contract for Road Side Assistance service. If the vehicle is still not able to continue the tour, Viajar Tours will attempt to secure another vehicle and return to the departure location;

d) If less than 50% of the tour was done, we will be happy to reschedule your tour to another date. We will accept as a complete tour if more than 50% of the tour was done.


6. Cancellations

a) Viajar Tours reserves the right to cancel, change, transfer or stop a tour any time and for any reason, including dangerous weather, unsafe road, park closures, vehicle problems or driver health conditions. Customers will be offered an alternative date or full refund, in the case Viajar Tours decides to cancel a booking;

b) Cancellation by the customer can be done depending on how much time from the beginning of the tour, has the notice given by the customer, per example:

i. Before 72 hours before the beginning of the tour, no fees will be charged;

ii. Between 72 hours and 48 hours before the beginning of the tour, a fee of 20% of the current tour price will be charged;

iii. Between 48 hours from the beginning of the tour, will be charged a fee of 50% of the current tour price.

c) In some banks the amount refunded is different to the amount originally paid for a tour, particularly banks where a currency exchange is applied. Viajar Tours is unable to accept responsibility for any discrepancies in refunded amounts.


7. Website

a) Viajar Tours does not take responsibility for any errors of content represented in this website;

b) All information in this website is the property of Viajar Tours;


8. Supports and Accreditations

a) Driver Authorization;

b) Operator Accreditation;

c) Commercial Activity Permit;

d) Public Liability Insurance;

e) Vehicle Insurance;

f) CTP Insurance;

g) Roadside Assistance;

h) Toll pass.