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The city of Gold Coast is globally known by your spectacular beaches with golden sands and crystal clear waters. Gold Coast has also an impressive hinterland, surrounded by incredible waterfalls and breathtaking lookouts.

Its unique environment combined with the locals culture, has contributed for the development of tourism around the coast. The proximity of the state capital Brisbane and also, having the Sunshine Coast just minutes away, makes Gold Coast one of the most attractive places to visit in world.

However, some tourist attractions require a long drive. For accessing some destinations requires a tiring and long walk. It can get even worse when you make all this effort and the destination is not what you were expecting. 

In other words, Viajar Tours has carefully chosen these “must see places” considering the driving and walking time, easy access and the most important factor, level of beauty.

ViaJar Tours will save your time, bringing you just to locations that actually worth it visiting!


Our experience about travelling has shown that most of people when they are going to travel, struggles to decide how, when and where to go. Sometimes people cannot even reach their destination because of lack of information or a poor travel plan.

Considering a strategic selection of destinations and time management, ViaJar Tours has developed a "smart tour", where you can visit the best places from one selected region in just one day.

Differently from others tours companies, Viajar Tours does not want to drop you off somewhere, leave you alone and pick you up later. Our driver and/or guide will be with you for the entire tour, explaining about the locations, taking photos of you and helping you for everything that might be necessary. They are also fully licensed and both, drivers and guides are well prepared and trained to provide you the best support.


Viajar Tours is an Australian owned company, fully licensed and insured, created in 2020 by one nature and travel lover, who has been inspired and delighted by the Gold Coast beauties.

The name, “Viajar”, is a double sense between the word “viajar” which means “travelling” in Spanish and Portuguese, with the connotation of the English words, “via” and “jar” which refer to “through the jar”.

Viajar = "travelling" = "through the jar"  :)


Our vehicle, affectionately called “Jar Mobil”, is spacious, has been specially equipped for tourism, is fully licensed and well maintained for us to have a nice and safe ride.


Our vehicle "Jar Mobil" is equipped with a warmer compartment to keep your food warm and one cooler compartment to keep your drinks cold during the tour. It has also 5 LCD screens for playing videos of your preference along the way.


The Jar Mobil can accommodate comfortably up to 7 passengers. Please, contact us with antecedence for over 7 people tour inquiry.


Viajar Tours has a special selection of restaurants for each tour. Booking one tour from Viajar Tours does not include the selected restaurant’s cost. Please contact us for the “Tour With Meal” price.

Viajar Tours does not make any profit from the restaurant selection. We believe our great relationship between the selected restaurant is strategically and carefully managed to serve you better.


You will choose one meal from the restaurant’s menu early in the morning, so when we arrive at the restaurant, your food will be ready for you. By this way, we will make sure you are not going to waste any time and you are going to receive the best service.

If you have a special diet and want to bring your own food with you, we have a warmer and a cooler compartment in the car, to keep your food warm and your drinks cold. We can also discuss another restaurant from your preference.

If you decide to choose another company for your day tour, please make sure this company is fully licensed and insured.   It is illegal to operate without licenses and "the cheap can get expensive in the end".

If you don’t know where you are going, ViaJar will take you there!

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